Dynamic Software Solutions

For Public & Private Sector

A Little About us

Isosoft was founded aiming at the growth, disposal and support of specialized software, providing innovative solutions in the Organization, Management and Administration of Processes both for the Public and Private Sector.

The human potential constitutes main material of the successful development of the company and plays fundamental role in the achievement of its objectives. It is composed from excellent worked out executives (engineers, programmers, economists, advisers) combining high level of studies with the significant work experience.

Their experience and expertise is embedded into the software, which is developed with the assistance of an organized group of executives with great experience both in public and private IT projects.

The modern software development platform, combined with databases efficiency and the flexibility of the Internet, ensure the stability, security and speed of data and contribute to the prospects of our company’s progress.


Friendly and simple ui combined with best customer support are the most features of our company 


Business Process Analysis

Isosoft company creates applications for specific purposes and business proceses




Phone support for errors or question about the purchased applications and support via email for sending and fixing files.


Netowork of Associates